A fun interactive weather session with Tutorful & Amazelab #AD – Emmy’s Mummy

A fun interactive weather session with Tutorful & Amazelab #AD – Emmy’s Mummy

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If you saw my Instagram stories today, you’ll have seen that Harry (and Emmy who crashed the session) had an amazingly fun interactive workshop class with Tutorful and Amazelab.

This was part of a collaborative session with the two companies to help make learning fun for children. I have to say that this was a HUGE success in our household and even though the session has now ended, both children have cleaned up their workstations – and boy did they need tidying after that, and started all over again!

That is the sign of an amazing tutor – one who engages the children so much that they want to carry on learning after the session is over.

During this interactive session they made: A Tornado, Rain and Snow……and a LOT of mess.

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The aftermath of our weather session

The tutor was very engaging and kept the children’s attention throughout the class.

Not only was it a fun interactive session but they actually learnt about the weather at the same time in a funfilled way. Leaning about vortexes with cause tornados and why rain falls through the clouds.

I think that these interactive sessions are great for kids as they are learning so much while having fun at the same time – which means they actually don’t realise just how much they are learning.

Had I normally said to the children they were going to join in with an online tutor session during the school holidays, they would have greeted me with deathful stares and sulked for the whole week – they did try this when I first mention a tutor session, however, once all the equipment came out and it started they didn’t want it to end.

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This is a newer partnership between Tutorful and Amazelab so do keep your eyes out for more sessions in the future, we certainly will be.

During this session the children made a tornado – They needed washing up liquid, vinegar, water and blue food colouring, as well as a lidded jar or container.

They started by adding a drop of washing up liquid to the container, a drop of vinegar and then filling up the container with water. If you want you can then add a drop of food colouring to this. Screw on the lid, turn upside down and spin the water mixture to create a vortex/tornado.

Next up they made rain using water, shaving foam and water dyed with blue food colouring.

You start off by adding water into a small container and adding food colouring. Next add plain water to a different container, squirt on shaving foam to the top, then using a pipette add some blue water into the cloud (shaving foam). The food colouring makes the water denser so it is heavier and falls through the cloud as rain would do.

Lastly, they made snow. The messiest of all the weather tutorials. Using Baking soda and shaving foam, and a tiny bit of water.

This actually made a cold mouldable mixture which they could make into mini snowmen and snowballs.

Of course, I had to sing “Do you wanna build a snowman” to them which they hated, so I have been doing it ever since.


Thanks Tutorful and Amazelab for a fantastic class.




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