Things To Consider When Creating A Family Friendly Living Room – Emmy’s Mummy

Things To Consider When Creating A Family Friendly Living Room – Emmy’s Mummy

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The living room is the focal point of the house. It is where you will relax, where the family all spends time together, and where guests are hosted when they come round. With all this in mind, your living room redesign must consider all these factors.

But your redesign needs to first and foremost consider your family. That is why we have come up with aspects to consider when creating a family-friendly living room. Keep it enjoyable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Invest In Getting Yourself Family-Friendly Furniture

Buying furniture with your family at the core of your thoughts is always a good idea. There is no point in buying furniture that your family can’t use, or that doesn’t serve its proper function in the landscape of your room redesign. This remains true no matter if it is a sofa that fits the whole family for a movie night, or just getting yourself a chair and footrest set for the corner. 

Kids also love to rest on the floor when playing, and so it may be worth looking into a variety of cushions that not only serve as floor cushions but also go well with your furniture’s aesthetic.

That moves us on to the fact that you can’t just buy any old furniture. Well, you can, but it might not look too appealing to the overall style of your room. Buying with style in mind is also a good avenue to go down.

Have function and flair!

Think About Storage Space For Your Living Room

The living room will get cluttered. It isn’t a case of if, but rather a case of when. Be it books, magazines, toys, cables, iPads, toy cars, you name it. Cleaning up behind the kids doesn’t have to mean bundling all their items into a basket and carting it upstairs.

With inventive storage solutions, such as drawers that slide nicely underneath the sofa, you can keep the living room space clutter-free. Never get caught off guard by those unexpected visits from family or friends.

Another handy bit of furniture to consider is hanging wall baskets for storing those odd bits and bobs that spring up throughout the day. You can also use the wall to hang your children’s artwork, which will help to add a little bit of a personal touch to the room.

Incorporate Some Technology

Tech can help you make your room a little bit more family-friendly and improve your entertainment experience. Something like a projector, or a flatscreen TV and surround sound setup can elevate your living room. A common go-to nowadays is setting up a desktop computer as your media hub and plugging it into your TV.

But you don’t just have to stop at entertainment, why not look at utility too?

You can also look into getting yourself a new radiator that has smart tech thermal controls. These controls can be linked into hubs like Alexa for ease of access. You can click here to find out more about how this would work for you and your home.

To Conclude

These are just some of the many ways that you can create a more comfortable and family-friendly living room. 

A last note of advice is to always have a defined budget when redesigning a room, as it can be very easy to go over budget when finding something you really like the look of. 

Happy furnishing!

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