Crystalina Fairy Dolls Review

Crystalina Fairy Dolls Review

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Crystalina fairy dolls are a new brand of light-up fairy dolls that are themed around the powers and magic of Crystals.

We were sent the Turquoise (Healing) and Amethyst (Wisdom) dolls and N (age 4) was so excited to play with them. You can also collect the Crystalina dolls Rose Quartz (Love) and Aventurine (Luck)

Crystalina amethyst and turquoise
Crystalina Fairy Dolls Review 14

I was instantly attracted to the concept too, as I have been learning more about the meanings of crystals in spirituality. These dolls are a great concept that can be shared together for mother and daughter play and bonding.

The Crystalina Fairy Dolls combine the empowering energy of crystals with LED lights, bringing bring together the fun of role play with collectable dolls

playing with crystalina fairy dolls
Crystalina Fairy Dolls Review 15

The dolls are a great size for little hands, and each one comes with a moon-shaped doll stand, which collects the dolls’ different colours and light patterns to create a glowing room display when a Crystalina doll is placed upon it!

They also have brushable hair, in beautiful colours to go along with their crystal name sakes.

crystalina dolls lighting up different colours
Crystalina Fairy Dolls Review 16

Each Crystalina doll comes with a wearable amulet which means that kids can harness the Crystalina fairy power too! Just like the dolls, the amulets change auras to reflect and symbolise different energies.

crystalina doll amulets
Crystalina Fairy Dolls Review 17

All of the Crystalina dolls and amulets wirelessly communicate when you shake them, and they can pass colours and patterns back and forth. One doll or amulet can control multiple others at the same time, or you can pass it from one to another.

playing with crystalina dolls
Crystalina Fairy Dolls Review 18

Each of the light colours has a different meaning, and the combinations are given on the Crystalina packaging to help you get to grips with the different meanings and Crystal powers

meanings of crystals crystalline dolls
Crystalina Fairy Dolls Review 19

Combining different Crystalina Dolls also allows you to unlock different auras, and the amulets can “collect” different colours and light patterns from the different dolls, which means that children can share their crystal powers with friends who have their own amulet.

meanings of auras crystalline dolls
Crystalina Fairy Dolls Review 20

Crystalina fairy dolls are available from Tesco, B&M and other good toy retailers.

Crystalina Amethyst and Turquoise
Crystalina Fairy Dolls Review 21
Crystalina fairy dolls
Crystalina Fairy Dolls Review 22

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