Menopause Advice, Tips and Resources

Menopause Advice, Tips and Resources

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There is no two ways about it. I am now in the full throes of the menopause. However, despite having gone through this now for a number of years, I still have SO many unanswered questions. The menopause advice which I have received to date has been questionable.

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I recently watched the programme ‘Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and the Menopause’ which really helped me to feel like I wasn’t alone. There has also been massive support from a community of women thanks to Jen Stanbrook and now, this weekend, there is the Menopause Success Summit.

My Experience of the Menopause

The GP I have has been no help. There is no continuity of service, they had the pharmacist prescribe me HRT patches which kept falling off, then they prescribed me anti-depressants which I was very reluctant to take and then decided NOT to make a start on. I wasn’t depressed!! Now, before they prescribe me anything further, they want to direct me to genetic screening due to my mum having had breast cancer twice. In the meantime, I still have all the symptoms to deal with.

One of the worst of those symptoms is flatulence. I really am suffering. I have read up on this and understand that it is because your digestive system slows down so I have ordered some Yarrow Herbal Complex to see if it helps – so watch this space!

On top of that, I am experiencing major brain fog and am forgetting an awful lot (so apologies if you have been caught up in this!). As a result, I have started to use Cleanmarine MenoMin – which seems to be helping so far!

What is the Menopause Success Summit?

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I have found the information about the menopause confusing, conflicting and much of it absolutely useless! As I have said above, my GP has been no real help. I have no idea what is fact or fiction. What information is up to date and if any of it is correct.

So what do you actually need to know?

This Saturday 25th September, there is a a live online event taking place which is giving women the latest information from top experts.

In this live online event they want to remove the mystery out of the menopause and help to empower people with the knowledge necessary to help you through your menopause journey.

There will be some top menopause experts on hand where you can ask them your questions – without having to leave your home.

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The event’s host is Catherine O’Keeffe, Wellness Warrior. She is Ireland’s first menopause coach and a leading corporate speaker on Menopause in the Workplace.

She worked with thousands of women through one-to-ones and speaking engagements, changing the way the menopause is approached by helping to end the silence and confusion that surrounds it.

To find out more, go across to the Success Summit’s website where you can get further details and book your tickets.

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