How to Design your Bedroom Around a Wooden Bed

How to Design your Bedroom Around a Wooden Bed

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Pictured: The Shake is a beautiful wooden bed frame that will make an excellent fit for both traditional and contemporary styles.

While design trends come and go, wooden beds are always in vogue. The timeless appearance of your wooden bed makes it perfect as a design anchor, and you can design your bedroom around it to achieve beautiful results. 

When designing a bedroom, the bed is the focal point because it’s the most significant piece of furniture in the room. Your bed takes up the most floor space, so it makes sense to use it as an anchor for all your interior design decisions.

This article will explore how to design your bedroom around a wooden bed to achieve a professional finish every time. 

Understanding emphasis

Emphasis is the interior design principle concerned with drawing the eye. It works both ways, so you can use it to draw the eye to your bed or away from it. 

Deciding how to emphasise your wooden bed is the first step to designing your bedroom around it. Will you make your bed stand out, so it’s the first thing people look at, or will you use it to build rhythm into a balanced space? 

Emphasising your bed

Imagine your bedroom with nothing but your wooden bed in it. How would you start designing? Chances are, you’d start from your bed and use it as the focal point. 

To draw the eye, there are a few simple things you can do: 

  • Hang a statement picture or artwork above your bed
  • Layer your bed with cushions to create eye comfort 
  • Use colourful and textured bedding
  • Create a feature wall behind your bed in a bold, contrasting colour.

To de-emphasise your bed, all you need to do is make something else the focal point, like an opulent chandelier or a media wall with a big TV. 

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Pictured: Nordic Mill Shake Single Wooden Bed Frame – White, Available Online From Bedstar.

Choosing a colour scheme

To create the illusion of more space, use a lighter colour scheme. To create a cosier, more closed-in space, use a darker colour scheme. You can also pair light and dark colours to give your bedroom more depth and character. 

With natural wooden beds, lighter colours work better. With white wooden beds, neutral colours provide a nice amount of contrast. 

While you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to colours, erring on the side of caution is the best decision you’ll make. Lighter, toned down colours work better in bedrooms, like sage over the lime green and pastel yellow over sunburst yellow. 

Plan your bedroom layout

Plan your bedroom layout

Now you’ve decided on a colour scheme and how to use your bed in your interior design, it’s time to plan the best layout for your bedroom. 

Start with the position of your bed and organise your furniture around it, preserving as much floor space as possible. 

In rectangular bedrooms, position the bed lengthways, and in small bedrooms, position the bed in a corner. If you have a large bedroom, you have the luxury of being about to position your bed anywhere where it looks best. 

Scale in other smaller furniture 

Because your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, other furniture can’t overshadow it. Otherwise, your bedroom will look odd. 

Now, a wardrobe is taller than a bed, and this is the correct scale. Furniture that should be lower than the bed includes bedside tables, sofas, buffets and trunks. Ideally, these should be no higher than the mattress.

Complementing a wooden bed with décor 

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Picture Credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Don’t have reservations about using more natural materials in your bedroom. Your wooden bed frame will go beautifully with wood cladding and other wood furniture. Even something wicker or rattan goes excellent with a natural bed frame

Wood also goes excellent with stone, glass and gold/brass décor. A gold chandelier, brass-framed mirror, glass table and stone vases are sweet ways to complement a wooden bed, and you can pick these up for cheap online. 

Lastly, don’t forget to create consistency in your décor. Repeating materials in a bedroom is a great way to build rhythm into the design.

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